You can enter xeno-miRNAs to see if they target any host genes; Or enter host genes to see if they are targeted by any xeno-miRNAs.

Include predicted xeno-miRs

Do You Know

miRNet will automatically search 453 xeno-miRNAs detected in six host organisms based on 15 studies. In addition, there are 1,249 predicted xeno-miRNAs with high potential to be transferred to human circulation according to a study by Shu et al.

Example Lists
miRNA list1
Host: Human
ID Type: miRNA ID
S.japonicum ELV miRNA list from a study (PubMed:27172881).
miRNA list2
Host: Human
ID Type: miRNA ID
H. polygyrus ELV miRNA list from a study (PubMed:25421927).
gene list
Host: Mouse
ID Type: Official gene symbol
A testing gene list.
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